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Originally Posted by Tonyq View Post
If the politicians in the Isle of Man are telling the truth (and that can't be taken as read!), the IOM is not paying FlyBe anything for the equivalent LHR service, which should also cause some questions to be asked in Guernsey!
I have it on very good authority that IOM have not contributed anything other than the airport discounts normally attracted by new routes. It will be interesting to see what happens as we get nearer the winter and Virgin/Delta decide what slots they need to use and what need to be "sat on" for longer, I guess if only one pair need sat on, then they will go to the highest (or only) bidder. With LHR slots achieving sale prices in the tens of millions, there surely cannot be a long term future for single daily (or any other frequency) services between LHR and the IOM or GCI, other than where they are increasingly subsidised.
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