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NO No, we have all been there!
I am just stating a FACT.
This Young Commander was experienced , just not as a Commander.

And according to Ethiopian propaganda he did all correct.
NO he did not!!
Engage AP at 400 feet with the stick shaker going : WRONG
Never controlling PWR and Speed WRONG
Retracting Flaps as per standard Ops when possible in a stall : WRONG
I feel so bad for him!

But sad to say, he was set up by Murphy, FAA and Boeing and I see only panic in the action and reaction.
After 4000+ hrs in 4 sims I have seen a bit, and it is all down to a confusing flight deck with this fail mode!
Something like this I have never encountered in a Sim

But , please
Were do You see experience? . Sorry to be so blunt.

Cpt B
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