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Originally Posted by DaveReidUK View Post
Nope, sorry, you assume incorrectly - I don't speak gobbledygook either. You would need to ask EASA.

I think that a rough translation is "when electric trim runs out, pray you have enough time, strength and altitude left to start winding ..."
This is a master piece of an aviation agency output. Could be any, this is not sepcific to EASA: It is the result of lawyers writing tech statements or manuals. The 737MAX emergency AD is no better. It is contradictary, leaves open questions and is not the smart wording standard other industries have reached in the past 40 years, partially because of tough consumer laws.
The peak is the FAA "Continued Airworthiness Notification to the International Community" dated March 12, a document type that was non existant before this date, is not based on ICAO rules and had just one obvious purpose. CMA.

Too often I sit in front of aviation regulations, rulings and manuals and think: damn sh.., what is it they want to tell me? And the obvious questions that every semi-intelligent guy/gal would have from a paragraph are never raised in the document nor answered. Still in this modern world people are too often ashamed to ask the obvious. There is no shame if it can save lifes.
Commercial aviation is stuck in the late 60s.
It is the answer to thick pants mentality and low management quality; as long as knee-jerk reactions dictate it will never change.
I have been there. For more than 30 years and unsuccessful to change that.
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