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Err are we forgetting the fact that cost sharing flights are OK even if the pilot pays just 1p?

So dodge pilot pays his 1p and rents an aircraft from his company at the wrong price. Or if you really wanted to be Charlie big time you could rent the aircraft owned by an offshore trust with nominee directors. Now how are you left searching for beneficial owners?? But that is to digress

So dodge pilot gets pinged by authority he says actually he was aware he was paying the wrong price for the PA46 but would you believe it the passenger was often happy to share a ride with him (they both share a common love of horse racing/ football/ motor racing/ business and often find themselves at the same place/time) but itbwas the passenger who insisted they fly in this overly expensive machine. Pax is happy to confirm same nonsense because he enjoys the cheap travel..

Or company gets paid the money from pax. Pilot pays in his bunch of 1p. At the time of being pinged you say thanks very much for highlighting the error and we issued a credit note to the pax.

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