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25 May 1946 Seafire III

My Grandfather was just telling me about the Seafire crash in Beaulieu. The pilot, R H Palmer, used to teach Drummond Fife Band to his ATC (1308 Sqd ATC) group in Lymington. He was watching the Air show that day and was just telling me that he may be the only person who remembers it. He has never forgotten it (He is 90 this year) and can never find any info on it. I found him some info about the incident. If anyone wants his (grandfather’s) details, feel free to message me. I can relay what he just told me...
” Palmer took off, then landed and they announced over the tannoy system that he had ‘booster problems’ and that he would go out again. He took off again and as he was performing a low roll, coming from Lymington direction, he rolled upside down and then just dropped, cockpit side first, into the ground.”
“ I remember being in the Guardhouse before the show and Palmer drove in in his Austin Seven convertible and I saluted him”
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