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Originally Posted by MurphyWasRight View Post
Except that trim did move slightly (as expected given short blips) and the FDR shows the switch activation directly, 2 short blips about 5s apart.
Yeah, from 2.1 to 2.3 units, I know.

It could very well be that the initial blip moved the trim slightly and then stopped, they released and try again but no avail. Each square in the FDR is 3 seconds, so the second "short" blip is 2s or so. Between the two, looks to me in the 3s area. (one full square) Let's say 2.5 to be safe.

The final AND input by MCAS was 5s and moved 1.3 units. The last pilot input ANU was 2.5s (combined) and moved 0.2 units. Something odd is there.

It is a theory, I could be mistaken. But it's plausible to my eyes.
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