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Originally Posted by 737mgm View Post
Nonetheless, despite all the stress and confusion that was surely occuring, the "only thing" that was happening is that the airplane was trimming nose down.
Not quite the only thing - also Stick Shaker, elevator feel shift, IAS disagree and ALT disagree to deal with.

Regardless, there is a simple way of proving whether an average crew will be overwhelmed - test it in the sim. During the likely extent of the MAX grounding there must be enough NG/MAX crew getting a sim check anyway to give you a large dataset to be sure.

If the average crew is overwhelmed, either the system isn't safe or the training isn't good enough, or both. If the average crews cope just fine, then these crashes are just pilot error, nothing to fix, move along...

Of course, the industry can't do that because sims that can replicate mcas are rare as rocking horse sh*t outside of Boeing itself, because they aren't needed, because you can learn all you need to know about the MAX from an NG sim. All except how not to crash.
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