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Well here is one for today, Chuks, and you'll have to like it:

According to CNN headline this morning, Senate leader McConnell invited Jens Stoltenburg (head guy of your favorite outfit, Chuks, NATO, apparently not a club) to address a joint session of Congress. This, as CNN tells it, was a clear rebuke to Trump and his disdain for Europe, NATO, and anyone else who either speeds a lot or cheats at golf. After all, McConnell didn't even ask Trump's advice before making the invite. Better than a slap upside the head.

So he did. Came in and gave his talk. However, his message was "Well done, Mr President, due to your leadership, NATO is stronger, the club members need to pay more, and they are indeed paying more". Of course, CNN moved the speech down its priority sheet, well below ranting Jerry Nadler and "how creepy is Biden now".

Stick to riding motorbikes, Chuks. The faster the better. Somehow I'm sure you can blame that habit on Trump too.
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