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Not a very good lesson learned from lion.

I think the procedure should be:

If Trim is bad and you didn't put it there (memory item, but quite intuitive).

1. Bring it back to something reasonable with column switches.
2. Then cut it.

Maybe also including a suggestion to check that you actually are restoring trim in the direction you desire with a quick look at the trim wheel at step one, and go straight to 2 if you are not (different failure than what we are discussing).

If for some reason you need minute adjust afterwards, use the wheel.

Column switch vs mcas, column wins, it's faster and overrides mcas.


Hand crank vs mcas, mcas wins. Hand crank too slow and perhaps underpowered. You may run out of usable sky or energy before you get it back.

I'm also in the group of those who would like to see an aero solution, although for some reason I would expect some lift added in the rear lateral fuselage at high aoa only, rather than modify the nacelles (I can't see in which way) or add a trailing lift device at the tip of the wings (big mess, and heavier due to shorter leverage)

Main advantage over software patch: it will actually help in real life.
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