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Originally Posted by kcockayne View Post
I don't think that we can read too much into the pax loads, yet. It is still early days. But, maybe Heathrow is not quite as popular nowadays to the Guernsey traveller as it used to be. Certainly, Jersey politicians are wary of the possible repercussions on the Gatwick service of having a Heathrow route. More concerning is the revelation that BEE are only" baby sitting" these slots at Heathrow (on behalf of Delta/Virgin). The likelihood is that . as soon as the parent airline wants to use them for their flights, Guernsey will lose them - & bye bye Heathrow. & the States 850k !
As I said before, you couldn't make all of this up !
If the politicians in the Isle of Man are telling the truth (and that can't be taken as read!), the IOM is not paying FlyBe anything for the equivalent LHR service, which should also cause some questions to be asked in Guernsey!
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