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Manchester Statistics - February 2019

Back in September 2015 I decided that I should start to correlate statistics for Manchester and use 2005 as a reference point for historical data. My file now consists of 14 years of monthly figures and 486 destinations that have been served from Manchester over that period.

Destinations that are either new (no passengers since my records started in January 2005), or have not been served for a number of years - if the latter then the month and year of the last service is shown.

No new destinations were served in February 2019.

Million passenger routes (Rolling annual figures)

Amsterdam - 1,043,325 passengers
Dubai - This route has now dropped out of the target figure to be included.

The following domestic statistics are missing from the CAA report for February.

Belfast City shows a false figure of 67, in 2018 the numbers were 20,674.
Inverness has failed to report any passengers, in 2018 they had 3,947 passengers

Moving monthly and annual figures - based on CAA statistics/MAG statistics

Monthly passengers - 1,805,164 +7.05%
Annual Total - 3,591,196
Moving Annual Total - 28,590,075 +2.44%

Monthly Movements - 13,226 +1.69%
Annual Movements - 186,549
Moving Annual Movements - 201,569 -0.70%

Top 25 destinations - by passenger numbers

Top 25 destinations with highest percentage increase.

Figures for the European and long haul destinations that I consider to be the main points for our connecting traffic.

Comparison of top 25 destinations - February 2009 versus February 2019

Major changes to Domestic traffic

The CAA figures for Belfast City are erroneous and those for Inverness are missing.
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