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Originally Posted by ChickenHouse View Post

If you measure it you will find it is the standard 0.8 nm ICAO standard.
The whole runway is just 0.76 NM, and there is no displaced threshold for landing 08, so the whole runway is available. And if you extend the runway to the left by the same amount again (yellow bar, still less than 0.8 NM), you end up at the turn to crosswind for departing aircraft, the dashed line with the arrowhead at the bottom, which goes in southerly direction on the western side of the motorway.

If you mark the final (orange bar) for the arriving traffic, going on the eastern side of the motorway, and copy that mark to the scale at the bottom of the chart, you see that it is only 0.4 NM.

And no, the red dotted flight path drawn is wrong, not the path the Epic flew.
Yes, I know that the Epic didn't fly the red dotted path, and I didn't write that it had. How would I plot a path that nobody knows? I clearly wrote that the red dotted path is the only permitted approach to 08 for turbine aircraft. It is the path it should have flown:

3. Approaches in the traffic circuits and departures from the traffic circuits in conjunction with the provisions of the ATZ
3.1 Approaches with jet aircraft and turboprops

Approaches with jet aircraft and turboprops are only permitted subject to the following provisions:
a) For runway 08:
Entry via DELTA along the A5 motorway onto right base of runway 08.
b) For runway 26:
Entry via YANKEE directly onto final approach.
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