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The Epic looks like a big version of a Lance Evolution? 54 Epic built as Experimentals, two prototypes for certification with less 1,000 hours total in test - now only one prototype left? Did the S7 try to get the SET into airtaxi services? Let‘s see what this means for the almost done certification, maybe it is ‚done‘ now ;-).

Action appears to be quite astonishing. With the Russian Lady and her father on board, one may expect an ATPL or professional from their airline at the yoke? Or was the aircraft owned and flown by the father? Some we‘ll probably never know.

Rumors say, it appears the plane was too high and too fast on short final 08 when they decided to make a 360 at low altitude on short final diagonal through the traffic pattern, <500ft and high bank angles are under discussion. Why would one even consider that with such a hot bird - not go-around and do another approach, but do such a heavy stunt on low short final?
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