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I am with Gertrude Stein on that one.

Gertrude Stein uttered her famous opinion on the youth of her day after one of them bungled the repairs on her beloved Model T Ford: "You are all a lost generation."

Who would want to protect the innocence of this generation of pilots and engineers? We had our heroes of Formula One, all either holy martyrs of blessed memory or else just ... heroes, some flawed, most flawless. This generation is fed so much inside information about what goes on that innocence goes lost at about age eight, if it was ever there in the first place.

I feel like some sort of pilgrim sometimes here in Germany. I went to the Mercedes museum to gaze upon the actual Number 722 that now-Sir Stirling Moss, along with Denis Jenkinson, used to win the Mille Miglia.

A Blitzen Benz is in that museum too, the sort of car raced in the Edwardian Era by Barney Oldfield. It's a high-set beast of a race car in gleaming white that could go almost as fast as a modern Ford Fiesta of 110 years later.

The Vanderbilt Cup ... now there was racing! They would not have tolerated a Bernie Ecclestone anywhere at all high in automobile racing in those days! Of course not a Lewis Hamilton either, so perhaps it's not all doom and gloom nowadays.
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