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Originally Posted by ndp12 View Post
Hi, thanks everyone for the sheer amount of content here - really really useful stuff! I'm currently in the DFR pipeline - applying for RAAF & RAN Pilot.

I've just been invited to do my second round of testing in Sydney and I assume this is the step before ASP. Does anyone know what this entails? I've only been told it's a 'battery of tests' but would love to prepare as much as possible.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been covered above - I'm slowly working my way up!
Yup so you are going for your pilot aptitude training, it will be the same as the you session testing but on different topics. It will be Gauge reading at speed, it will ask you for example "whats the airspeed?" and you will have to look at the display and choose the closest answer. There is some spacial awareness questions where it will show a silhouette of a plane and say what will it look like after a right turn. You then have four options to choose from, the next set is similar but it will show you cockpit instruments and you have to choose which silhouette matches. The last test is rapid maths!.
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