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I am 34 in a week, from the UK and want to train to be a commercial pilot. I have worked in other careers in the past but nothing I have done has given me enough job satisfaction and I end up doing something else. I have worked in hospitality, as a hairdresser and as an outdoor education instructor (which I have a degree in). I do enjoy Outdoor ed but the pay is terrible, you would be lucky to earn 24k a year in a well paid job. I love travel and have been traveling for about 5 years now.
I worry that if I became a pilot I would get bored of it or would the job keep me interested? I would like to fly smaller aircraft's (such as the twin otter) as I would like to fly in more remote places.

Also i worry about funding. I have some savings at the moment (35000 GBP) but the modular training costs between 50-60k.Is it best to wait until I have all the funding before I start training in case I can not finish due to lack of funds or is it a good idea to get a loan for the last 20k or so? I would rather not wait another couple of years to save the extra money as I will be 36 before I start training. Also is it difficult to find a job as a new pilot? If I did get a loan I would need to start paying it back quite quickly so would need a job.

I wondered about becoming a flight instructor but I see its still more money than I have saved to do this so I am a bit stuck on what to do.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you

​​​​​​​Yes you will get bored of airline flying after the initial 1-2 years it's interesting but it will become repetitive and the novelty will wear off. It's a fantastic job but it's not all glamorous and fun a lot of downsides to flying for an airline, I would only consider doing it if you are really passionate about aviation and will do whatever it takes to be a pilot

You mentioned more remote flying and flying smaller airplanes, I think that would be quite enjoyable and interesting flying

I would strongly advise against getting any loans for the training, Getting a loan for type rating if an airline requires you to self fund it would be where I would draw the line because at least on a type rating for an airline you know you have a job waiting for you at the end of it

If I was you I would do a PPL while you're working and see whether flying is for you or not, if you want to continue keep saving and do ATPL in the mean time, You can do the ATPL over 2 years if you would like because the timer of 18 months to finish all exams only starts from the first exam you sit so you can spend as long as you want studying for exams initially

My advice to you is only get into aviation if you're dead set on being a pilot and don't just do it because you think it sounds cool or fun, Training isn't easy and there are many difficult days on the training, i've seen people pack it all in or lose motivation along the way so only the people dedicated really get through in the end especially on a modular course where there is no hand holding and it's all up to you to motivate yourself and work through the difficulties
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