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Originally Posted by NOSIGN View Post
Whether youíre flying left or right seat, I think, that there is an unspoken respect and comarade between Pilots when you know that theyíve shared a similar arduous path in staying alive in an aeroplane through some respectable period of time. If nothing more, I tís a human factors aspect that shouldnít be ignored.
Errrr no. Pilots will judge the others they fly with on ability, attitude and character in their present role. Only a small minority of pilots would show less respect to a pilot because of their prior background, thatís akin to racism in a way.

Maybe a lot of people would bond more easily because of shared backgrounds or prior jobs or such, but that shouldnít mean they donít give the same level of professional respect to a pilot because they didnít follow the same path into an airline that they did. If they do thatís a sign of poor character.

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