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Yes, but what I am saying is that these types of incidents are not exclusive to low hour FO's, I have conducted plenty of investigations and the only 'Flap' lever movement in the wrong direction I have investigated was actioned by the Captain. There is no doubt that unfamiliarity with a type can lead to a greater number of mistakes, I don't see though how having 3000 hours in a tourist operation flying 172's lessens this risk on an A320 or a 737. New to type is new to type, think of all of those over 60 Captains that Air NZ basically sacked as they couldn't meet the minimum standards during their A320 line training, they went to court and lost, their experience didn't help them pass a course that a 200 hour cadet can pass. I just don't think you can say putting 200 hour pilots in the RHS is bad just because Australia is decades behind the rest of the world and people want to protect GA as that is where most of us come from.
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