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Originally Posted by Ollie Onion View Post

Do tell, what are all the issues then caused by 200 hour FO’s that don’t have just as many corresponding occurrences with crews of higher experience? I await the comprehensive list.
People getting confused between gear levers and flap levers and moving the wrong one. People moving the flaps in the wrong direction just to name a few. Have a look at the ATSB reports there are a few in there.

And it’s not as if this is a thing that’s just happened recently. QF, Q-Link, VA, VARA, Rex, JQ, Ansett, Cobham, Maroomba, Airnorth, Sharp, Skippers, O’Connors, MacAir, are just some of the airlines in this country I can remember, past and present, who have put well selected and trained low houred pilots into Turboprops and Jets. They started doing this not recently, but over 50 years ago.
The vast majority of that list needed 3000 hours plus to get a job 30 years ago. Not uncommon to get nickled and dimed over what your experience consisted of too. 'Oh not enough night, not enough IFR, oh you haven't flown in real icing over here etc etc.

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