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Originally Posted by Airbubba View Post
One of you may be right, I'm not so sure that wing loading at max gross weight is what determines the negative g capability of an airliner. The -4 g claim may indeed be from a typo in a forum posting.

It looks to me like the Atlas 767 must have been very light to climb to FL400 immediately over the Gulf of Mexico.

Freighters continue to crash at a significantly higher rate than passenger planes at U.S. carriers as we have often observed here over the years.

There are a lot of B-763's still flying, I would think that if there was an early indication of a mechanical failure in this Atlas mishap, the NTSB would say something by now.

Yep, cargo drivers are forced to work longer and harder than the pax ones cause the FAA had the guts to treat cargo pilots as less "precious" . Absolutely astounding that they were allowed to differentiate....
And Amazon trying to push its shipping cost down by "operating" cargo ac from cheap labor holdings will just raise the chance for another crash with a loaded cargo plane full with dangerous goods, into a densely populated area.......corporate American greed has taken air safety hostage, Boeing, FAA, cheap cargo operators etc

Sometimes wondered when rolling down rwy 09 MIA, on our B747-4 cargo fully loaded with dangerous goods, and downtown MIA just beyond the rwy.....
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