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Originally Posted by Shyam Sunder View Post
Hey Takira. Thanks for taking time out of your day to write such informative tips here. I was hoping to go HARV'S AIR but now I'm completely puzzled.
They were very patient in replying to all my emails. In Canada, we can always change the flying school if we are unhappy and logically the number of hours already flown will be valid, yes ?
I need help with choosing the right school. If you can give me your email, I will write to you.
Please keep in mind that I am speaking based on my own personal experience. There are probably people out there that had a good experience at Harv’s Air. After what I saw there I cannot personally recommend that school, however, everyone’s personal experience is different and you may end up having a completely different experience than I did. However I am happy to help you out with whatever info I can. [email protected]
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