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About degrees in aviation. A degree in political science, art history, or lesbian dance theory does not qualify you to fly planes. Many major airlines still prefer a degree, but other than applying to larger airlines, you don't need to worry about it.
Neither does Geology, Nuclear Physics, Law, or Bio-engineering but I've flown with pilots with all those degrees. I would argue that a degree in Political Science would actually do a pilot in an airline quite well considering that most airlines are unionized, and that pilot could help their confrère. Art History might help the person visualize a training program differently, enabling that person to make a better product for the pilot group. Lesbian dance theory - maybe the person is better able to think outside the box so makes a great sim instructor? I'm pulling at that last one, I admit.

An airlines desire for a degree is merely a rationing device. It permits that airline to limit the pool of applicants from thousands to hundreds. The airlines never really cared what degree an applicant had, just as long as they had one. That's why the posts always read "a three or four-year degree" vice "a degree in the sciences or mathematics."
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