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How is the weather in Canada ? How many months in a year can we fly and between when to when ?
Well, Canada is a big country and is too large to answer your question in generalities without a sly suggestion that you pull out an Atlas and realize that Canada covers almost 40% of the North American continent. It features all the major weather systems and patterns on Earth and can have temperatures that range more than 60*C from its northern and southern points. Every location has its benefits and disadvantages when it comes to flight training.

I'm not trying to be obtuse with my answer here; it's just that your question is similar to my asking you how the weather in Asia is. Laos will have vastly different weather than Turkmenistan, so that's the scale you need to be thinking. Not Canada, but regional - BC, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, etc. That is, our provinces are the size of countries and have varied weather to match.

For example, you may have more days lost to low clouds and rain in BC and Nova Scotia than you will Ontario, but you can equally have lost days due to thunderstorms in Ontario and Alberta. You can also have a bright, beautiful day in Saskatchewan, but be grounded because of gusty winds or temperatures below the operational limits for the aircraft.

With reference to my previous post, I would suggest you look up the major cities in Canada and decide on the ones you would be willing to move to and those you would not. Then ask your questions about a specific location you're prepared to move to (e.g., Vancouver, Fredericton, etc.) because the weather is too varied to give a response that would benefit you right now.
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