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Originally Posted by 118.70 View Post
Would you say that the latest results support Action 2.2 in the newly published Noise Action Plan 2019-2023 (adopted and approved by Michael Gove Feb 2019) ?:

2.2 FQG improvement

We will work with airlines to improve the overall FQG scores, working towards increasing the green scores.

Performance Indicator: Number of green scores
Target: More green score dots than 2018 baseline
It's interesting that those Noise Action Plan targets are expressed purely in terms of "green dots", i.e. the number of results that fall into the Green band of the Red/Amber/Green "RAG" classification.

That sounds like a tacit acknowledgement by Heathrow that those dodgy Fly Quiet points and league tables aren't actually any use for gauging whether airlines are improving their environmental performance.

Not that the RAG classifications are much better - while some of the metrics award a Green dot based on actual performance thresholds (CDAs and Track-keeping, for example), others (e.g. NOx and Quota Count) simply give all but the worst 25% of airlines a Green classification without requiring them to achieve any specific threshold.

Nor do the Noise Action Plan targets take any account of the relative importance attached to the different performance metrics - for example Track-keeping carries three times as much FQ&G weight as NOx emissions, but Green classifications for either count equally towards the NAP target.
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