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Originally Posted by WingNut60 View Post
Genuine question - at the time that UK committed to joining the "Alliance of the Righteous" (or whatever it was called) what was the feeling on the street? Antipathy or apathy?

In Oz I think it was probably just one of apathy. We are so accustomed to our government(s) blindly supporting the U.S. that we just see it as normal, no matter what the case or argument.
I think that for the commitment to Iraq the sentiment has probably changed. You seldom hear any strong opinions one way or the other.
I suspect that most people are a tad embarrassed at having been duped, once again.
Doesn't mean it won't happen again, exactly the same, next time.
My memory of that time isnít that clear, but I do have a sense that the feeling was strongly against the war. I would say that people somehow knew that they were being duped, there was a massive anti-war march in London, but it had little impact. It was the first time I wrote to my MP letting him know of my opposition to their plans.

It is obvious to me that it could happen again, it happens frequently. Propaganda is very powerful.
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