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Originally Posted by Doctor Cruces View Post
Sorry, well not really, but having been a "legitimate target" along with my family for 22 years, I find it hard to forgive the cowards who skulked in the shadows, planted bombs in bins and murdered innocent people without even the excuse of collateral damage. Just plain murdering scum and instead of that idiot Blair giving them letters of comfort they should have been sent letters of 'we will hunt you down and we will find you and we WILL bring you to justice.'
I've no truck with the IRA. I don't forgive them and I see Sinn Fein as a barely reconstructed apologist organisation for terrorism. As you see in my post. I consider them tratiors to Ireland. Murderers and terrorists who took a legitimate political ambition and made the rest of us ashamed to believe in it.
I don't know why you were a 'legitimate target' but I still see NI as a part of Ireland still controlled by a foreign country.
I have that in common with McGuinness, yet oddly he and Paisley, another 'legitimate target' seemed to reach an accommodation.
A lesson perhaps?

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