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Sum up

The engine-out SIDs that most companies fly are defined by a competent source supposently after a study of the surrounding terrain . Also it is the duty of the performance engineer of each company to check all these parameters and I guess a check of any consideration of angle of bank be taken into account . So yes we are talking about manually created engine out SIDs but that we have been given to construct. To make a global ban of managed guidance for the engine out SIDs seems stupid to say the least .
1.We throw the concept of “max use of automation in emergency” out of the window ,
2. There is no quarantee that a critical turn will always be noticed while being concentrated on ECAM , if flying on selected guidance . The likelihood of messing up a EOSID and the associated risk , far outweighs any likelihood of dealing with any performance loss due to increased Angle of bank.
3. Were an increased / decreased angle of bank becomes important , then and only then should considereration be given to this fact and such consideration be stated in the EOSID to decide on the level of automation .
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