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Originally Posted by Vdizzle View Post
G'day all, Is there anyone on here that has experience with Service Transfer?

I'm currently in Army and would like to try for the ASP. I saw on Defence Jobs they've got both Army and Navy as priority for pilots. I'd even consider RAAF pilot as well if they're also expanding in that area due to the JSF?

Primary reason is basically I love the service life, I'd stay in forever if I could. Did civvie workforce before Army and that was a big bag of small D's. It's just that the role I'm in is going through changes and it's basically getting squeezed at the senior NCO level so future prospects of advancing my career are limited. I feel like I'd be more happier going for commission now and becoming an Officer. I've loved aircraft as a kid, took a few licks at the local airport to do some introductory flying over the years and I'm now at that stage of - F..k it let's do it, I don't want to say to myself on my death bed, 'would I have passed?'.

Thank you to everyone in this forum, lots of great information for aspiring candidates.
It's worth keeping in mind that the training pipeline length pretty much means most future JSF pilots are either already in the training process, or already qualified.

As far as service transfer goes, you will have an easier time applying for a commission in Army than transferring. It's notoriously difficult to get out of Army from in service roles, but I don't have a lot of knowledge on OR to Officer transfers across services.

Definitely weigh up the risk and the result; remember Army now no longer does SSOs, and RMC is notorious for being a tough slog. You'll sacrifice 18 months of your life, and in the end might not even make it through. The risk is high but so is the reward.

Pm for any specific questions.

Best, fs
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