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Originally Posted by Justanothervoice View Post
Minimal days off on weekends for junior pilots seems to be a very prevalent theme.

So the only realistic expectation for weekends off are going to those that have been booked through "Gold" days and leave. What is the leave allowance? Is it based on seniority or is it points based depending on what leave you had the previous year (Peak summer/Christmas ect.)?

Basic answer to correction/amplification.

Two leave "seasons" - Summer & Winter.

In each season you are entitled to 14 days leave and one Duty free Week (DFW)

So total 28 leave days and 2 X DFWs every twelve months

Leave can be taken as one 14 day block ( traditionally starts on a Saturday, though under JSS you may now be able to slide leave start by +- I think 3 days) or two 7 day blocks ( starting on a Saturday, now also subject to possible "slide").

One block has a couple of "wrap" days before where the company can't assign work ..the other block has "wrap" days after. Those days accrue zero credit.

You cannot break annual leave down into any smaller blocks, such as single days or two day blocks .

DFW is a single week, with one (optional) credit free day of free duty before it starts.

leave is awarded on the basis of a points system..if points are equal senority rules.

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