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Bringing your spouse to Doha is great idea and encouraged actually and welcome to stay in provided hotel.
most countries are eligible for visa on arrival, so really you need to worry about the ticket.
the logbook��? Even flight crew working here have had to start new logbooks, currently only EASA FCL050 or whatever latest is allowed or log pro 10?

At the interview must have all logbooks....if unable for whatever reason the last logbook stamped on last 3 pages by employer. They are aware the stamp at the interview stage is difficult to ask or receive so give some leeway.
But don’t show up saying I have 10000 hours and only have last logbook with less 1000 in it. If you have lost or unable to bring all required logbooks then the stamps by current airline are crucial
Latestpilotjobs is good starting point, but process is being changed at current moment so may not be completely up to date..

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