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Yes butt he lies -if they were lies and generally they were exaggerations or predictions by the remain side nothing remotely to compare with the Boris bus and leaving the Eu will be the easiest deal ever.

And will we have the teeth or the balls of the Eu to kick Google into line. I dont think so-and in any event will they care -no they wont. Size matters these days and we will go from having a top seat at the top table to being the ones serving the food.

Utter shambles and this is not a party issue-Labour have failed as dismally in their own role as the Tories have as government. we should definitely have another referendum but this one should demand a complete overhaul of parliament -the fact that its the oldest one around shows how out of date it is in the modern world and doesnt serve the UK well at all.

I wonder if the speaker would vote remain if there was a tie, the rules about the speaker are all tied to partisan ship and party loyalties but as we have all seen brexit is not a party issue , which is why parliament has made a dogs breakfast of it as much as the Government have. Could he vote remain on that basis , it would seem he isnt breaking any constitutional or rather procedural rules because of course we do not have a constitution in the UK
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