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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
Ok ok I am an expat that lives in the Eu that doesn't have a clue what's going on locally. I just have to ignore what the 16 different nationality's I work with say. Also what the financial sites say.

Instead I have to believe PPrunes very own Judy Garland from Sussex just because they says so.
Careful tescoapp, I got banned from not just this thread but the whole of JetBlast, for several weeks (only just got back in!), for daring to speak out against a certain prolific poster in this thread - just watch your 6

Would be interesting to know who the censor, sorry the moderator, that did that was - but no, they hide behind anonymity so we will not know if it was done by a completely impartial mod (unlikely in this case as I said nothing offensive, rude or illegal), a supporter of the person criticised or even the actual person criticised!
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