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Nope I am an engineer who is now a pilot who still does the odd bit of project engineering.

If you can find the skilled labour you pay for it. if you want to train it that takes time and even more money.

And these days keeping the worker safe carry's an extremely heavy price. For you to be using pickers, tall bay shelves you need them trained working at heights. You also need to protect the workers under them. You have to proved height access, a ladder won't cut the mustard. You need the safety infrastructure and all the safety assessment's very quickly the cost all mounts up. Never mind your through put is less that 30% of the automatic system. And try 12 million for one installed last year.

And I would love to hear your explanation of why the sky is blue. Most people don't have a clue why its blue and come out with utter nonsense. Most of the pilots I know strongly disbelieve the fact that rainbows have a constant angle to them between the colours. Which of course is 54 deg to the peak of the red and 40 deg to the bottom of the magenta in the primary bow.

Whilst I'm quite sure Rolls Royce isn't dragging people out of the job centre to hammer aircraft engines together
Shows how little you know about UK engineering. They are, and multiple other companies are as well because there is just not enough skilled labour out there. There is a mad rush to Swindon, to cash in on the car workers wanting to jump the gun and leave another job before the plants shut down. If your a plumber that can braze that's unemployed RR will employ you at the drop of a hat.
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