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"On airbus fly-by-wire aircraft, the autopilot limits the bank angle at takeoff with one engine inoperative to 15. Some Engine Out Standard Instrument Departures (EOSID) require a turn to be performed with a bank angle of 20 or more. When a turn with more than a 15 bank angle must be carried out, the aircraft must be manually flown." Airbus - Flight Operations Support & Line Assistance - getting to grips with aircraft performance

The loss of gradient versus the bank angle is provided in the Airbus Flight Manual (AFM), as well as in the Airbus Performance Program Manual (PPM).

In addition from FAR:
  1. Bank Angle. FAR Sections 121.189, 135.379 and 135.398 assume that the airplane is not banked before reaching a height of 50 feet, and that thereafter, the maximum bank is not more than 15 degrees. Obstacle clearance at certain airports can be enhanced by the use of bank angles greater than 15. The following bank angles and heights may be used with Operation Specification authorization (in accordance with FAR 121.173 (f)). Any bank angles greater than the values shown below require additional specific FAA authorization:
    1. Height (above Departure End of Runway - ft) v Maximum Bank Angle (degrees)
      • h>400 25 degrees
      • 400>h>100 20 degrees
      • 100>h>50 15 degrees
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