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A majority of people voted to leave the EU in the largest exercise of a democratic vote ever seen in the UK. David Cameron made a promise to abide with the result of the referendum. Unfortunately the referendum result was not what David Cameron or his government wanted or expected.

In the subsequent election, both the Conservative and Labour Parties campaigned on a platform of delivering Brexit. The Liberal Democrates campaigned in favour of remaining in the EU and saw their share of the vote fall, a clear indication that the overall majority of people did want Brexit.

Sadly, the intelligensia, a proporiton of big business and those generally insulated from reality by great wealth or social position did not agree with Brexit. They have fought tooth and nail to prevent Brexit by any means or sought to disguise a deal that would ensure Brexit in name only as a good move for the UK.

We (collectively) voted to leave the EU, a clear and simple decision. MPs were elected to enact that decision. Those MPs must carry out the mandate upon which they campaigned and were elected. It was a binary decision and there is no room for compromise or obsfucation when it comes to Brexit. The UK must leave the EU and then negotiations about our future relationship may begin. The EU has said as much right from the beginning of the Brexit process.

When the UK leaves the EU it will set a precedent, a blueprint, that other countries may follow should they also decide to leave the EU. That is why so many details are being discussed and examined in minute detail.

The EU has something of a record in requiring multiple votes or referenda until the result the EU wants is arrived at. That is why the result of the referendum needs to be honoured and the UK must leave the EU, it is the only way to prove that the EU is not the evil empire it currently appears to be.
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