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Originally Posted by tescoapp View Post
Some of the others feel exactly the same... Hence why the EU has to make things as difficult as possible and make exiting as difficult and as damaging as possible. If it doesn't it will cause others to leave..... And to be honest I suspect changing Art 50 will be one of the first things that occurs when this is finished with to make it much harder to escape.
Yet they don't. Certainly not to the extent you imply. But that's the great thing about sovereign democracies, they allow a range of views in enshrining free speech.
As for making things 'difficult' you seem to have forgotten who decided to break up the band, who set out a position in about half an hour & never deviated from it, who by contrast set out a wholly unrealistic stance then spent years arguing over it while burning through people to head it up & the resignation of minister after minister while bungling negotiations, attempted to go behind the other people's backs in a predictably futile attempt to curry favour, leading directly to one of very many very public humiliations,

The only surprise in the above is you heretofore have neglected to blame Brussels for the disappearance of Madeline McCann, Arsenal's failure to win the league & the black death.
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