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All UK law is made and enforced in the name of the monarch. The EU has adopted the role as the overarching legal authority for all member states. That effectively means that the UK is no longer a sovereign state, solely in charge of its' own destiny.

As far as the average man in the street is concerned, nothing much has changed but there are huge differences in the way the legal systems on the Continent and those in the UK are run. In the UK a person is presumed innocent until guilt is established. Many EU nations require the accused to prove their innocence against a presumption of guilt.

Just one of the causes for concern in the UK as progress towards ever closer union would require alignment of legal systems and laws across EU member states. The British rightly see this as an erosion of their basic rights and freedoms. It hasn't happened yet but it eventually would without Brexit.

So yes, the British view continued membership of the EU resulting in a loss of sovereignty to the European Parliament.
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