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Originally Posted by Steepclimb View Post
Completely agree although I disagree with your reason for voting leave because in my my mind none of these are the issues you seem to believe. None of that was lost but what you are about to lose is the ability of Britain to influence matters on the Continent which whether anyone likes it or not was for the most part positive. Britain never lost sovereignty. It's a lie. But Britain is about to become irrelevant in Europe like Switzerland and Norway.
Is that what you voted for?

You really, sincerely believe that the UK had any clout within the EU ??

The UK's position in the EU was firmly emphasised amd confirmed when Cameron was sent to the naughty step by the Commission for trying to get the changes he claimed he would be able to get to avoid having to offer a referendum when they knew full well that their refusal would virtually guarantee a referendum and a majority Leave vote.

The UK should have been an important part of the EU - unfortunately it was only the UK's contributions and, latterly, its ability to soak up millions of unemployed Poles, Portuguese, Italians, etc that were ever important to the EU.
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