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Originally Posted by jindabyne View Post
In my local this evening, we were joined by a younger man who was a stranger to the pub - but welcomed. After the usual short spell on Brexit, he declared that 'you older guys didn't know what you were voting for in the referendum, and that's why we are in this mess'. Unfortunately that lead to the sort of hostile discussion we see on here, daily.
As ever, I kept my powder dry. After he departed, I said that he was quite entitled to his view. But that said, he was a tad arrogant in 'telling' us we were wrong, loudly.
I went on to say that I knew and know exactly why I voted to leave; and it had little to do with immigration or trading. Sovereignty, Presidency, Common Armed Forces, Law Making and the like were uppermost in my mind: and remain so. All those aspects were not on the table in 1975 when I voted to join the EC. They have evolved since. And even though I am oldish, I maintain my views out of personal wisdom. Which includes 17 years working harmoniously within Europe; many spent in Germany, Spain and France. Most of my European friends do actually share a similar view . And we are able to discuss the issues without rancor.
Whichever way things emerge I hope, and believe, that our relationship with our European allies will continue to be more friendly and tolerant than the pervasive atmosphere on this thread.
Completely agree although I disagree with your reason for voting leave because in my my mind none of these are the issues you seem to believe. None of that was lost but what you are about to lose is the ability of Britain to influence matters on the Continent which whether anyone likes it or not was for the most part positive. Britain never lost sovereignty. It's a lie. But Britain is about to become irrelevant in Europe like Switzerland and Norway.
Is that what you voted for?
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