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A very Very frequent flyer on EK. Mostly in Y unless I get upgraded or it is a last minute purchase for emergency travel. Between the Family & myself have probably clocked 100 flights over the past 12 months. Mainly Long Haul to the US east coast & some into Europe & Africa & ME. As a Gold love my little comforts of check in lounge & priority baggage. Small luxuries.

Also subscribe to their family awards so we can get more bang for the buck as well as Business rewards when on business. The staff is pleasant & their hard product good (8.5/10 with SQ getting 10/10 primarily on seat width & comfort in Y & more so in J). Their Soft product ie: The staff at Dubai is a 10/10 in the East a 8/10 & in the US a 2/10 for the most part (Both contract & on rolls).

My biggest grouse with them

1) Very frugal frequent flyer mile program. On the Economy Saver ticket round trip from Dubai to New york I earn about 2100 miles total excluding the Gold tier bonus. With the amount of flights I have taken last year it seems unless I convert them all into J I will barely retain my gold next year.

2) If you redeem a ticket (partial cash + miles) in business rewards you earn 0 miles & lose FF Gold privileges on that ticket therefore showing up as NIL status. It also does not count towards tier status. (SQ & the other programs I am always give you credit for cash spent & never remove your status privileges just because you are on a part redemption)

3) Business rewards allows only a max of 25% redemption of value at a time & not more

4) The standard sky rewards program offers spot rewards, upgrades at or before check in or via the app or website etc but if you are family rewards, business rewards or another plan you subscribe thru the rewards get bumped to a round about "different processes where everything has to be planned it seems months in advance taking away the joy of the spot upgrades.

Their baggage service in all stations except Dubai has really gone downhill recently & bags have gotten left behind damaged or just come out last despite a priority tag

Considering Dubai slowly is dropping off my route plan am now evaluating other carriers who might give me better trimmings with all my travels
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