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It is a nice discussion, thanks for that!

Can you guarantee it will last the full five years?
Of course I cannot, and nobody can. For no kind of device, least of all the new-fangled "Hai-Tek"

And what if it finally falls over at the wrong moment...
That's an easy one: switch to plan B, all of us have a plan B at hand; some even have plan C and plan D. Great!

My worry is always what damage the heat is doing to those big flat LiPo cells...
Some cheap Android devices may not have ANY thermal protection read by the OS.
That is the right kind of concern. But even mid-quality LiPo's have all kind of protection built into themselves. It should not be a concern of the host device. Beware, though, of low-cost so-called high performance Lithium batteries; especially from certain low-price sources/countries.
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