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Originally Posted by Jan Olieslagers View Post
I should think that, if the Android machine _really_ overheats, something bad would happen to it. Edward tells us this has not occurred. So either the iOS things need more protection from overheating than Android stuff, or the protection is far out on the safe side. It must be said this might favour the device's long life - but who cares, in an apparatus that's not meant to last more than five years anyway?
Quite right, it may well fail, but not necessarily the first time it gets very hot.
Can you guarantee it will last the full five years?
And what if it finally falls over at the wrong moment...
My worry is always what damage the heat is doing to those big flat LiPo cells...
Some cheap Android devices may not have ANY thermal protection read by the OS.

iOS devices tend to run cooler than Android, but their protection systems are built with very conservative limits.
Think of it as a feature, not a fault...

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