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Originally Posted by RexBanner View Post
Virgin has exactly the same company contribution as the new BA scheme so its on par not better. Not only that but they (VS) want to remove this benefit to new joiners. Thomas Cook as you said not available any more either, so whatever you think of the BA pension, youíre not going to find anything better as a new joiner anywhere nowadays. I do take your other points though, BA isnít for everyone, Iíve wrestled with the decision whether to leave myself over the last few months, Iím staying put and the only reason for that is Long Haul. Short Haul (whilst Iíve already said itís not as bad as many make out on here) there are better options out there nowadays.
It is marginally better because it includes Flying Pay in the 15% calculation. The reduction in joining pension was suggested but soundly rejected by the current workforce, something which would definitely not happen in BA!
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