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The first page of that log book has Captain Daniels. Dave Daniels like many of that era were real characters!
The Viking windshields were always a problem with leaking and his log book entry was "Windscreen leaks so badly altimeter reads in fathoms" !
The Viking pitot tubes were on the right wing outboard lower surface on a mast that was quite long to keep the tubes out of wing effect. Dave was coming back into Luton and the mount top flange of the mast cracked allowing the tubes to flex back out of the direct airflow. Of course the first signs were decaying airspeed which was countered with more power. They came across the airfield at high speed and landed OK !
He went to an Italian operator with turbine twins and was a training captain.He had the classic accident when they were doing an engine failure on takeoff the copilot feathered the wrong engine.(Shades of Autair 125!)
They survived but Dave stopped flying and retired in Sardinia,
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