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Originally Posted by frodo_monkey View Post

You’re entitled to your opinion... but you’re wrong. The Tornado is arguably the most significant and long-lasting fast-jet in the history of the Royal Air Force.
Of course I was taking the pi** a bit,

The Tornado did superb service. In many ways it was the right machine at the right time.
It is amazing though that it has lasted after GW1 when low level largely lost its attraction - It's not the machine you would chose to be a medium level bomber is it!

If you think I am being disloyal to the blokes that flew them - I'm not. Just realistic I think that they would have done an even better job with a upgraded Bucc or Strike Eagles!

As at the end of the day it is just a lump of metal - which is brought to life by the men that operate them. I am privileged to have seen some superb skill being displayed by Tornado crews at times - Especially the 617 crew that dropped the very low boomer over me

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