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Option for Return of 662 VGS to RM Condor, Arbroath

Originally Posted by ACW342 View Post
Will he be as England centric as Pippa was or will we see gliding back in the Principality or the Highlands or poor wee Nor'n Ir'n? Probably not
Gp Capt Dale is a fresh pair of eyes and intelligent.

The recent Defence Estate announcement confirmed that the airfield at RM Condor, Arbroath (former home of 662 VGS) was now to be retained indefinitely (i.e. zero plans for closure), so there is no reason why 662 VGS could not re-emerge there. It is a great airfield, in the right place, with zero airspace restrictions and decent hangars and other facilities. The Royal Marines have always been extremely accommodating, even to the point of still welcoming former 662 VGS members back for Mess social functions, so the relationship is strong. The Ministerial Announcement in 2016 allowed for 11 Volunteer Gliding Squadrons (if you read it carefully), not 10.
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