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Originally Posted by silverstrata View Post

Sure about that? Someone new to the aircraft, captain average, and a bit tired.

At 3,000 ft, the stick shaker starts going like mad, causing a hell of a racket, and you think you have an airspeed problem and might be stalling. Sure, the controls are getting heavier and heavier, and you trim a bit for that, but this is caused by the aircraft stalling - isnít it? (You cannot hear the trimmer, over the din of the stick-shaker.) So you have to let the nose drop, untill you are sure you have enough airspeed.

Ok, you are getting a bit low now, time to pull back. Ahh, but the aircraft will not respond - pull as hard as you like, but the stick feels jammed (you need 60 kg of force to counter full stab-trim). You shout to the f/o to help pull, but the ground is coming up fast.... End of short story...

I guess that could be plausible if you overlook 3 airspeed indicators, moving trim wheels, control force on the yoke, aircraft attitude. Someone who does all that has failed at his primary job of being a pilot. I have had several incorrect stall warnings including two at rotation. A 1 second cross check showed they were in error.
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