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Originally Posted by TWOTBAGS View Post
The scuttlebutt is along the lines of ……
  • Impossible timelines
  • unable to secure instructors
  • Wagners not prepared to foot the bill for the QF largesse
  • Inept decisions makers
  • L3 scratching their head/nuts..... gone home because its all too hard.
For something due to start in 2019..... its gone very very quiet
Anyone who understood the flawed bid to start up JQ Hong Kong knows it failed at the first hurdle.
Qantas did not do any diligence in Hong Kong, Little Napoleon made a series of megaphone announcements alongside with Uncle Fester (Bruce Buchanan).
From the bid's structure any research was post announcement, poorly considered.
The ruling rejecting their bid was axiomatic from day one: They never were correctly incorporated, nor had their Principal Place of Business in Hong Kong.

Rather like the screams for taxpayer assistance in December 2013 that disappeared six weeks later, the hysterics of Little Napoleon were to be subject to scrutiny, Qantas would have to demonstrate to a financially astute audience that they actually were disadvantaged. They were not prepared to do this, had nothing to support their statement, so they quietly backed away.

Red Q was the same; thought bubble in search of a strategy. It was opposed by localised resistance. Megaphone diplomacy, poor strategy and worse execution.

See the pattern?

This announcement appears to be a similar pattern.
A thought bubble, no research, poor strategy and shockingly executed.
It will be pushed with weasel words into the future.

The good news though is that the announcement shows pilots that Qantas are sufficiently concerned about pilot supply to acknowledge it.

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