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Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't AoA sensors mounted on opposite sides of a fuselage output different values under certain conditions of bank and yaw?
As Dave stated , you are not wrong.

That being said, take into account both the pitot and static ports...so much attention to the pitot, and none to the static...you cant have a pitot without a static...
As an example, if the port pitot is shielded due to crabbing, so is the port static. the starboard pitot and static are overexposed.

Think about the readings using the port pitot with the port and starboard static...in a crosswind situation.
While the pitot are mounted close to the nose, the static are further back, compounding the issue..

this is a very complex dance.

she's sooo happy! Luv the AOA indicators..highspeed pushback or early indication of the nosedown problem

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