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Originally Posted by Quemerford View Post
...................By the way there was a lot of direct RAF involvement in Korea - aircrew saw first-line service in F-84s and F-86s for example.
But strangely no RAF combat aircraft took part in the Korean.. This has been discussed on another forum -

....not a single front line fighter or fighter-bomber squadron was sent by the RAF. This is almost unprecedented in the post war period with RAF combat contingents almost always being sent to support major (and many minor) overseas deployments, so why not in Korea??? Yes, the RAF sent Sunderlands to hunt for none existent Communist subs and protect UN naval forces, yes the RAF flies transport and logistical support operations to Japan and Korea and yes a small detachment of Austers are attached to the army for artillery spotting but not a single fast jet combat squadron!

Some reasons put forward....thought prudent to leave the the RAF intact in europe to deter and deal with any Soviet aggresion in Europe........still rebuilding from the war, so they could only afford to contribute so much to Korea....................RAF commitments to the Malayan counterinsurgency ..

Even so surely the RAF could spare one squadron....

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